Healthiest Darkest Chocolates - HyperChocolates ala MisterShortcut Lifebook and Self-Health Way Of Life

One page about chocolates, particularly the darkest health chocolates, for EVERY chocolate-lover on earth.

With so many chocolates claiming to be healthier chocolates, or even the healthiest chocolates,
the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Self-Health Way Of Life taste and test many of the dark, darker chocolates.
From a natural health point of view, the Self-Health Way Of Life always chooses the darkest chocolates of all.
When sugar is added to chocolate, or, more specifically even, when cocoa content is below eighty-plus percent,
the Self-Health Way Of Life cannot consider that chocolate, even when it is claimed to be "healthy chocolate,"
to have much of any of the benefits that are built-in to the healthiest chocolates, ie: 88% cocoa chocolate.
Catechins are a part of healthy, unprocessed cocoa. Catechins are in the flavanoids family, a subset form.
Flavanoids make a set, citrin and Vitamin P, scientifically cited for anti-cancer and anti-oxidant values.
Epicatechins, also a subset of flavanoids family, proved to protect mouse brains after induced strokes.
Anthocyanins, also in the flavanoid family, also found in good cocoa, a form of secondary anti-oxidant.
Procyanidins are polymer chains of flavanoids. Found in the healthiest chocolates, plenty of antioxidants.
These, and more of the substances found in high-quality chocolates, meaning the darkest, healthiest chocolate,
have been proven to help protect the functions of cells, while also promoting correct body inflammation response.
Perhaps the most proven benefit of the healthiest chocolates are the support chocolate provides for cardiovascular health.
No, chocolate, even the darkest, healthiest chocolates, will not erase or heal heart disease, only supporting healthy function.
So, if your cardiovascular functions are already in the normal range, you can support this nicely with the healthiest chocolates.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook and Self-Health Way Of Life invite you to learn more, so you can live more, perhaps earn more, too.

Examples of chocolate, some claimed to be the "Best Chocolates In The World"
(The Self-Health Way Of Life and MisterShortcut Lifebook primarily disagree)
Most of these chocolates DO taste delicious, and some are health chocolates.
Whether they count among the healthiest chocolates mostly remains to be seen.

Xocai Nuggets - VERY serious, VERY dark chocolate - Self-Health Way Of Life Health Rating: 7 of 10
This brand of chocolate is VERY dark chocolate, which tend to be among the healthiest of chocolates.
Xocai claims that their chocolate candies are manufactured from dark Belgian chocolate that have no preservatives added, which is both rare in the world of chocolate, and HIGHLY appreciated by the Self-Health Way Of Life and chocolate lovers who are health-conscious.   Xocoa also asserts that their chocolates contain no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, and even go out of their way to let consumers of chocolate know that the dread Sucralose is NOT included in the manufacture of Xocai nuggets. Each of the Xocai chocolate nuggets have an antioxidant rating (O.R.A.C.) of 3,120. What makes this possibly unique is that, so far, Xocai nuggets are the only dark chocolates found by the Self-Health Way Of Life with a USDA-recommended (3000 ORAC to 5,000 ORAC) daily ORAC requirement IN A SINGLE LITTLE NUGGET OF DARK CHOCOLATE. The Self-Health Way Of Life has to give credit for that, especially because it is not so easy to find truly healthy chocolates today. Additionally, their X Power Squares, incredibly, by independent laboratory testing were found to have a staggering 49,000-plus ORAC rating for 3 of of the Xocai Power Squares, which happens to be the amount recommended by Xocai for daily consumption.

Is Xocai dark chocolate the healthiest chocolate in America or the healthiest chocolate in the world? Good question.
As good as the question is, the Self-Health Way Of Life cannot provide a comprehensively accurate answer, since Xocai does not appear to list the ingredients of their various chocolates (all darkest chocolates, apparently). However, the Self-Health Way Of Life and MisterShortcut Lifebook posit the very real possibility that Xocai may indeed, as claimed, be the Cadillac of chocolates (Xocai only claims to have been told by an expert that they are the Cadillac of ORAC).
As hard as it may be for any true embrace of the MisterShortcut Lifebook to believe, it does seem that a large company is practicing both ethically AND healthfully. Among the health chocolate candidates reviewed by Xocai is the front-runner, by a significant margin, thus far. The drawbacks to Xocai, as perceived from the MisterShortcut Lifebook coign of vantage? Price, which is higher than most of the world's population can afford to pay for health chocolates, even delicious health chocolates such as Xocai offers. Some of the Xocai chocolate packages are, again, in the OPINION of insanely expensive, such as a Xocai Varity pack, offered as a "one-week supply" of healthy chocolate products, which is offered at for a putative "discount" of $35, so, you "ONLY" have to pay, get ready, chocolate lovers, ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY DOLLARS! ($130 U.S.). So, even if the Self-Health Way Of Life agrees that Xocai may be selling the best health chocolates, the healthiest darkest chocolates in the world, the MisterShortcut Lifebook cannot endorse anything we find to be so obscenely expensive.
In sum, Xocai darkest health chocolates are probably great for people who enjoy burning money.
If and when Xocai figures out a way to deliver healthy, slave-free, darkest chocolates to the masses for a modest price, the Self-Health Way Of Life and MisterShortcut Lifebook will embrace and endorse Xocai as the world champion of chocolate, even more so for dark chocolate and darkest chocolate, and, most of all, ad the healthiest chocolates.

You can learn more about this very interesting chocolate candy company at or websites

UPDATE: Xocai website also claims to have "healthy peanut butter cups."
Because all peanuts are, by design, rife with fungus, and contain no nutrition that the Self-Health Way Of Life is aware of, the Self-Health Way Of Life must respectfully disagree with Xocai's assertion of "healthy peanut butter cups," because those who embrace the Self-Health Way Of Life believe there is no such thing as healthy peanut butter.

Green and Black's Dark Chocolate
Around for a long time now, Green and Black's is based in London, England. The company claims that their dark chocolate (and it is reasonably dark as chocolates go) is manufactured withs high-quality bittersweet dark chocolate. Sadly, Green and Black's chocolate, even what they seem to say is their darkest chocolate, is only 70% cocoa.
The Self-Health Way Of Life makes it quick and clean as can be on Green and Black's for three reasons.
First, claiming that chocolates containing only 70% cocoa to be dark chocolate is not concomitant with the standards of the Self-Health Way Of Life. Secondly, that claim of being a dark chocolate seems bizarre if one-third of the chocolate candy bars they sell are made of non-cocoa, non-chocolate ingredients. The Self-Health Way Of Life is about eating healthy, so, if one who lives the Self-Health Way Of Life is going to eat chocolate, dark chocolate, darker chocolate, in fact, ONLY the darkest chocolate will do, because only the darkest chocolate is ranked by the Self-Health Way Of Life as a health chocolate, let along viewed as a "healthier" or "healthiest" chocolate.

Secondly, SUGAR. There is no amoung of processed sugar that is healthy to the human body, there is no processed sugar on earth known by or declared by respected scientists in any peer-reviewed journal, to be anything less than an assault on health.

Forever Green's 24 Karat Chocolate
Pure, organic chocolate made without waxes, fine sugar, dairy products, or artificial flavors. The secret to Forever Green's healthy chocolate is in its production. Instead of using heat, distillation, or chemicals, Forever Green uses pressure chambers to compact the cocoa. Through this process, the chocolate maintains its peak nutritional value. Where to buy:

Fair Trade's Theo Chocolate
Produced by the first organic chocolate factory in the U.S., Theo Chocolate is still made in its historic factory in Seattle. It's not only good for you — it's also good for the environment. The company has invested in integrated pest management (to avoid the use of harmful pesticides), and the factory is sustained by green energy sources. Where to buy: Whole Foods or any local supermarket

Dagoba Organic Chocolate
High-grade, gluten-free dark chocolate. the founder of the company, who was a chef looking for a career change, searched high and low for the finest cocoa beans. the chocolate bars trace their origins to Peru, Madagascar, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. Where to buy:

Live Superfoods' Cacao Berry Clarity Bars
Fine dark chocolate bars packed with nutritious goji berries — sweet red fruits (that taste like a cross between a cranberry and a cherry) native to Asia that are packed with protein, 21 essential minerals, and 18 amino acids. Where to buy:

Equal Exchange Organic Very Dark Chocolate
Organic, fairly traded (which is the company's way of promoting sustainability in developing countries by seeking out marginalized producers and workers and buying a product from them directly) gourmet chocolate bars that are vegan and gluten-free. Where to buy: Fairway, Whole Foods, and local supermarkets

Terra Nostra Certified Organic Chocolates
Fairly traded and organic chocolates that have recently received the prestigious Superior Taste Award by the International Taste and Quality Institute of Brussels, Belgium. Vegan and gluten-free bars made with rice milk are also offered. Where to buy: Fairway, Foodtown, and local supermarkets

Endangered Species Chocolate's Dark Chocolate Love Treats
All-natural, dark chocolate bite-sized squares that are certified gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. Where to buy: The Vitamin Shoppe and other health-food stores claims to have the best chocolates in the world.
For starters, claiming to have the best chocolates in the world is not enough to establish a brand of chocolate, whether or not it is the healthiest chocolate, as the best chocolate in the world. For starters, TASTE TESTS!
Does claim to have any independent laboratory studies to first prove that it is a healthiest chocolate?

Are there national or international tasting of chocolates, pitting the zchocolat brand chocolates against other viables candidate

When it comes to chocolate, despite claims of advertisers,
there are chocolates, and there are chocolates, GOOD chocolates.
The Self-Health Way Of Life tests, observes, tastes, and discerns fairly.
Most all of the chocolate commercially sold today is, indisputably, toxic to us.
The sugar alone, which cancels out your stomach HCL acid, suspending digestive functions,
means your liver cannot execute hundreds and hundreds of functions, and thousands of enyzmatic acts.
Thus, the Self-Health Way Of Life reminds you that there are chocolates, and then there are true chocolates.
The best, (healthiest) chocolates have no need for sugar, because chocolate is naturally delicious, and nutritious. - Naturally, the Self-Health Way Of Life suggests health chocolates as a smart, healthier choice of chocolates - again, naturally, recommends only the darkest chocolates for promoting better health - You may already have guessed, or learned from that better chocolates are darker chocolates - Despite unique chocolate domaining value, the MisterShortcut Lifebook includes this free when you buy - Scientifically, there is chocolate, most of which is toxic junk, there is better chocolate, and then there is hyperchocolate, the greatest chocolate ever. - Living your own Self-Health Way Of Life ? The Healthiest Chocolates Are The Darkest Chocolates - Sugar Stops HUNDREDS of liver functions - Determined to eat healthier, would you not want healthier chocolates? That's VERY dark chocolate, perhaps darkest chocolate.

- Since we're on the subject, if cocoa only is your offer, perhaps the world will fill your coffers. MisterShortcut Lifebook SweetDomain - Although two words, darkest and chocolate belong together in a MisterShortcut Lifebook -brokered SweetDomain
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MisterShortcut Lifebook SweetDomain

Health Chocolate MisterShortcut Lifebook - Darkest, Healthiest Chocolates

Chocolates and more chocolates, are what we're here to purvey,
the better and darker, healthier chocolates, all for YOU to survey.
Chocolates and more chocolates in a world of Willa Wonka fans,
where toxins are not needed, when you do the best you can.
Chocolate leading to chocolate, all to say a prayer,
for those dumb enough to eat toxic chocolates,
and to those for whom we prove to still care.

Chocolate MisterShortcut Lifebook

Very good chocolate and better chocolates, leading to the healthiest chocolates,
when you liquify dark chocolate, it is suddenly healthy, so, SLOWLY eat your chocolates.
Dark and darker chocolate, well above 80 percent, is healthy enough to convince most folks,
the darkest and healthiest chocolates, may very well be heaven-sent!
Both the Self-Health Way Of Life and MisterShortcut Lifebook use chocolate shortcuts.
The concept of chocolate shortcuts should make fair sense to a number of chocoholics.

Chocolate MisterShortcut Lifebook

Can a dark chocolate, even one that tastes delicious, and appears to be the darkest chocolate your eye has seen,
contain chocolate and remain a candidate for being named the best chocolates in the world? The MisterShortcut Lifebook thinks not.
The Self-Health Way Of Life has seen no such laboratorical (heh-heh) evidence that zchocolat is any closer to being hyperchocolate, or even counted among the healthiest chocolates... so how can the MisterShortcut Lifebook or Self-Health Way Of Life agree that zchocolat is the best chocolate in the world? Not too likely

In all fairness, the design wizards of the MisterShortcut Lifebook do have some appreciation for the web design used to create, although, as with many dark chocolates (and garbage milk chocolates, as well,) the site has TOO much eyecandy. To be sure, this is the opinion of the MisterShortcut Lifebook, and ONLY the opinion of the MisterShortcut Lifebook, not seeking to represent anyone ELSE'S opinions. There are literally hundreds of thousands of MisterShortcut Lifebook pages (among its many millions) that are also over-crammed with EyeCandy, in the view of more than a few. That is a natural function and progression of artistic creation and expression. Everyone has a nose, everyone has an opinion, few are identical. Food and dark chocolate eyecandy must be sedate

As far as the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Self-Health Way Of Life are concerned, the search for hyperchocolate continues, with respect to this particular brand of regular chocolates and dark chocolates.
NOTE: Zchocolat, in promoting its putative, or self-claimed position as maker of the world's best chocolate, has a blurb on the zchocolate website that speaks of Pascal somebody. "Somebody," because the lettering is so tiny, so skinny, so indecipherable to our eyes, the MisterShortcut Lifebook regrettably cannot even tell you without deeper research what the last name of this Pascal fellow is. Zchocolate asserts this Pascal to be the world champion chocolatier. Hmm.
All-natural, dark chocolate bite-sized squares that are certified gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. Where to buy: The Vitamin Shoppe and other health-food stores

Low-fat, high-fat, which chocolate has the highest fat content? Does it matter how much fat content chocolate contains?

Sugar-Free is the first and most critical of additives to be avoided, although corn syrup appears to do even more damage to the body than processed sugar, hard as that may seem to believe.
Low carbohydrates is another consideration for the chocolate afficionado. The higher the carbohyrdrates, (carbs), the higher the glycemic index. The higher the glycemic index, especially above 55, the more insulin is demanded of your pancreas. There is no exception to the stupidity of asking your pancreas to do more than it already has to do. That's why chocolate, dark, healthy chocolate(!) can be, and usually proves to be, a gift for your pancreas, a kiss and a hug and a pat on the back for your overworked pancreas. Only the human liver suffers more from the pollutants in so many brands of chocolate over the centuries.

Whether your interest in chocolate is high-end gourmet gift baskets, or a nice nibble of simple, healthy, dark chocolate, or great towers of the darkest and healthiest chocolates on earth, costing amounts that could conceivably fund new nations, start with a basic grasp of the two secrets of chocolate that you are not now in command of, unless you are an insider who lives in the world of health chocolates.

1) The darker the chocolate, the greater the health benefit potential. Eighty percent is reaching below the healthiest threshold. Higher is better.

2) The reason that even the darkest chocolate of all has only health benefit "potential" is that state matters.
There is no such thing as solid chocolate, including darker chocolates and the most exquisitely darkest chocolate, that provides nutrition to the body.

There is no solid food or source of nutrition ever discovered that can pass through the brush-border cells of your intestine, where some seventy percent of your immune system is physically located. Only liquid can pass through those cell walls. The difference between typical chewing and swallowing of dark chocolate, and slowly-consumed dark chocolate, is no less than huge. The health effects are immediately and remarkably different.

The bad news is, fast chewing and swallowing of chocolates, EVEN WHEN IT IS THE WORLD'S HEALTHIEST CHOCOLATE, provides you with more health challenges than health benefits!
The good news is, liquifying chocolate, allowing it to remain in the mouth until it is no longer in solid or soft state, instead fully liquified, and mixed with saliva (oh, yum, sorry, sorry) can make that chocolate something serious, something markedly beneficial to your brain and body, from antioxidant value to stroke support possibilities such as already proven over and over again with small-animal testing, hopefully humane in scope and nature.
Only liquid chocolate can benefit and nourish, and even boost up your endorphins, the drug that your brain produces to give you happy feelings.

If you care even a bit about your health, or the better health of your loved ones, or those you share with, then chocolate has to be viewed from a far better, and wiser point of view.

The Self-Health Way Of Life does not wish to alter your perceptions forever on everything. Producing the Self-Health Way Of Life means taking into consideration the horrible images that are summoned at will in depicting a true list of what is in every dairy product examined, tested, or surveyed for the Self-Health Way Of Life. Not a single exception beyond the beauties of kefir, which provide the fifth most-critical food for humans, probiotics.
(Water, air-dried sea salt, NEVER-heated, extra virgin oils, bulk, also called fiber, and probiotics).

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