. Dare to Dream with the MisterShortcut Lifebook of Masters and Millionaires

The MisterShortcut Lifebook of Masters and Champions


For those who dare to dream

One power supersedes all others known to Man.

There has never been a power as immediately effective,
as consistently satisfying and fulfilling, nor will there ever be,
as long as there are human beings on this earth.

You yourself cannot argue... You're smart enough to agree with the power of this amazing shortcut and too stupid to tap into it.  Yes, you.

 I can prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt in the next 60 minutes.

Not one philosopher, doctor, teacher, billionaire or gold medalist will argue:

There is one resource available to every human being one-conditionally guaranteed to get results today; a magic power you can tap into in the next 60 seconds; guaranteed to bring you immediate, instant progress towards your sweetest, deepest dream. It is the power of acting within
this minute in time, for
 this is the most powerful minute you can possess.

In fact, this next hour will present to you sixty individual opportunities to do things with low effort, average effort, or superior effort. Sixty individual minutes of mediocrity or excellence, decided and determined by nothing and no one but you.

Are you low, average, or superior?

As it is with every human being, the next sixty minutes will tell us best, hm?

  Plant YOUR seeds of power!   Water and nurture them with daily movies.   CAN DO!  

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MisterShortcut interviewed hundreds and hundreds of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.
The fascination grew, the interviews ran into the thousands, one at a time.

Imagine interviewing and/or breaking bread with more than five thousand masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires.
A dream come true for someone fascinated by the subjects of human peak performance, which illuminate our PowerGems.
Without a doubt, these PowerGems are the greatest shortcuts, the best shortcuts, of those who do it best, at world-class levels...    repeatedly.
They are the best of all teachers.   Everyone else needs to hush up and learn from the masters.

If this is in fact the world's biggest website, it's hoped you're big enough for these magnificent shortcuts,
the best shortcuts of       -- you guessed it --
our masters and millionaires, our greatest champions and billionaires.
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EasyStreet, USA by Mr-Shortcut
All rights reserved for those who feed hungry people with my share of your profit.

In Memory of the utterly unique Monsignor Bernie Kellogg, and a dedicated student, known to so many as Mr-Shortcut

    Largest web site on earth? Created by a single pair of hands    
Below you'll find a tiny little portion of the one million unique addresses of Masters and Millionaires Success Shortcuts

Just like you, what I do speaks so loudly no words are necessary:
Welcome to the most interactive website online:
1,000-plus websites all connected, every page created by someone daring to dream,
someone willing to shut up and USE the shortcuts of masters and millionaires. ...

just     for     you.

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The MisterShortcut Lifebook invites you to cogitate even momentarily on what you most want.
In no more than a handful of moments, you will begin coming up with ideas for turning it into reality.
Sweeter yet is the acceleration: The more ideas you produce, the more mindspace you have for more...
more ideas, more suggestions, more thoughts of people or agencies or organizations who can help you get it.

At the bottom of the page, there are those who dare to dream, and those who choose not to dream.

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DreamDare As A MisterShortcut Lifebook Keyword...
Dreamdare - such a wonderful keyword to pursue.

Dreamdare for him and some dreamdare for she,
looking to dreamdare their own sweeter history.
DreamDare your way into much better days,
all with the taste of a DreamDare this way.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook....
for those who dare to dream,

DreamDare Me Now Again.
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Great is the mind that dares to dream

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When you dare to dream, you dare to reach outside of the place where you are now.
If your results are not concomitant with the results you are pursuing, actions needs change.
If you do the same thing today that you did yesterday, and if you do it just as you did it yesterday,
then there is no logical or reasonable basis for you to expect any improvements in the results you produce.
So, advancing the quality or quantity of your results requires advancing the quality or quantity of your efforts.

Since you only get one lifetime, does it not make sense for you to live a life beyond your current mediocrity?

Is there a better day than today to make a commitment to yourself to reach beyond your current efforts?
Excellence and mastery do not happen accidentally, or merely because you claim to, or read about it.
Excellence is no more and no less than the repeated engagement of your best success shortcuts.
It has been this way since the dawn of time, and is unlikely to change just for your convenience.
Dare to dream, identifying what you want with precision, so that a plan can be built around it.
These ARE the best days of your life.... by choice... or not... again, mostly by your choice.
Dare to dream of where you will be in 100 months, 100 weeks, 100 days from now...
and then commit it to writing, making it easier for you to fully attain your dream.

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Every day is a separate opportunity to reverse courses you do not like and to advance those you do.
Each day, no exceptions, has 1,440 minutes, which many winners refer to as "opportunities" to shine.

What you do speaks so loudly we need not hear a word from you. Reach for more, reach in YOU.

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