Minutes Of Measure, Mania, and Mommy

In the next minute or so, the goal, as always in is multi-faceted, in order to get several benefits simultaneously, where you reap your choice of taking fewer steps to get the same results OR getting far greater results with better and more efforts at the same time. One of these goals is to prove that you're something of an idiot, and prove it to your own satisfaction, the only opinion that actually counts here, no matter who, where, or what you are. A second goal is to then prove that you not only can, as well will absolutely zoom up the food chain in a matter of seconds. "Zoom" is a strong word, and used with fair consideration for what it expresses and implies..

Will you pay a hundred dollars per month for life to immediately obtain and keep a device that boosts the immune system in no less than thirty-seven measurable categories you'll never have to send back for repairs? Is that not a fantastic machine, one that will protect you from hundreds if not thousands of separate opportunities to seriously degenerate your health? If you have five true post-graduate degrees you are in an exquisitely rare category of human, one containing very few members throughout all of history. With five post-graduate degrees even shared amongst five great scientific minds, you're talking about a probability of 1,800 books including reference texts.

If indeed you're able to imagine the vast bodies of knowledge available to five such great minds in one room, their lifetime total is less than MisterShortcut has long taken in during any five-year period. Therefore, it is not stretching any logical credibility to state that no living human can successfully refute the following paragraph, nor the essence of its message. Such refuters can only service to convince through charm, rather than demonstrate by fact.

You do already have access to such a machine, and for those precious few of you who are nothing more and nothing less than flexible, which means able to suspend past beliefs in neutral consideration of new information, the bodies of evidence are vast enough for the dimmest wit: Instructing your body to produce specific chemicals, moods, preparedness, regeneration, and activation is identical to possessing some highly-advanced bio -electric device that duplicates your own personal electronic signatures for lymph activation and immune-boosting.

The only doctor ever credited in any way by the government to have "cured without adequate explanation," admitted towards the end of his life that he simply told his patients to say the words, "Each day in every way I'm getting better, better, and better." Thousands of patients tracked by the predecessor of the FDA, thousands and thousands of patients cured of bleeding ulcers and horribly incessant muscle spasms and so man other maladies. Turns out the one and only one thing they all had in common was an out-loud instruction to their own body to heal, and to be quick about it. Neither a dozen nor a hundred pharmaceutical remedies can even come close to this one single power.

As much the MisterShortcut Lifebook stays focused mostly on what is being done right, sometimes cold water in the face may be the best approach. The fact that you do not believe your own life is worth ten or twenty seconds per day using what is simultaneously hyper-powerful and yet perfectly free, in other worse, the foul, willful ignoring of yet another of your greatest powers proves conclusively that you've been an idiot at least up until this precise second of changing your demonstration of idiocy into one of intelligence. In other words, every single time you tell your body to strengthen the walls of your arteries, your brain doesn't know that you're kidding or that you can or can't. The subconscious mind takes whatever you say, feel, and think, and does whatever it can with whatever resources it has available to make it so. Ninety percent of your brain activity is occurring below the surface, in a manner of speaking, and responds to everything as fact. That's why your mother is right when she says your family catches a cold every August. Not because there are self-disciplined germs sitting in your closet, but because it is expected. What you say has at least five to ten times more power than you prove to realize. That's where the idiocy comes in, because if you really knew better, you'd do better.

Okay, so now that we've revealed one of your idiocies, let's match it up with one of your genius features, instantly!

Turn right now to your body and give it any physical instruction you want. Whether you say it once or ten times is up to you. Whether you say it as if dying of boredom or as if you really mean it; this is also up to you, and tells both you and the face in your mirror, and, of course, the rest of us, just where you're going and in what style.


Now, you can say, out loud, "Each day in every way I'm getting better, better, and better," or you can continue to wallow in mediocrity. You can say, "I command my body to produce more flesh near my teeth because my gums are receding and I haven't got thirty grand for surgery." I adopted that one, and, although I understand that I need this surgery urgently, it's been about nineteen years since it became such an urgency to each of the dentists I've visited with. You can command your brain to provide you with ten new ideas every day for entertaining or educating your child or getting that child to be more flexible to learning, or you can say it's all just stupid this or that. Hey, it's your life; you're entitled to be miserable, right? The Self-Health Way Of Life could care less about what ails you; that's your problem. Here, it's about you squeezing oranges and grapes and lemons at the Self-Health Way Of Life to take what you have and put it on high-speed. Can you possibly let go of some of that ego part, the determination to show that you, too, can add to the discussion? Who cares? When people go home at night, they want to know if the heat is on in the bedroom, if the children are safe, if there's a snack to be had; they could care less what's going on in your life even as they'll buy every tabloid with your photo on it. At the base and bottom of every thing and every day, people are naturally concerned with themselves and their loved ones. That means the less time and energy and anxiety you expend caring what others "will think" is that much more energizing and empowering time you're given to live your life.

Always, such choices. What an exciting time for you to not merely THINK that you're something, instead, comprehensively show it, over and over and over again.


Look, whether it's you or him or her or I, when we do something a hundred times and observe little or medium or a great deal of specific effect, then do it another hundred times with bits of fine-tuning here or there, and then do it another hundred times and another hundred times, can we agree that the human who does this is going to be better at it than people who do it only forty or fifteen or six times? If and only if we agree on this point do you find instant and undeniable power in the next sentence.

Far more important than the number of times we do something is the number of times we do it correctly out of the total number of our attempts.

With so many useful and proven shortcuts focusing on this universal aspect of whatever it is you do, it's beyond foolish to consider ignoring it. Our challenge here is that, just because you understand the primary meaning of the words strung together, you somehow delude at least one or more of us into thinking that you get the secondary or even tertiary meanings.

The merit and purpose of chasing and nailing down for yourself a second, a third, and yes, even fourth levels and layers of meanings to a single bit of wisdom is not merely for the sake of knowing it. It's for employing it to your use. Look, you now make X number of dollars. If I show you how to make that exact amount in twenty percent less time, even forty or fifty percent less time, what will you do with the extra time? Will you continue to waste it as you are now, will you waste it in a different way? Will you waste it in a similar way as you are now, or will you use that time to develop a new relationship with someone that you do or perhaps do not know? Will you use that time to say, what the heck, I always did want to learn how to ____,

If Mr. Able does it three times out of ten tries, he is paid so much. If Mr. Brave does it four times out of ten tries, he gets paid double. If Mr. Carrot does it five times for every ten tries, he is paid double what Mr. Brave gets paid.

From the coign of vantage of someone embracing that's a pattern; a reliable pattern that can be, like any cookie recipe, duplicated by using the same basic ingredients the same way.

In every walk of measured business, from sports and advertising to education, incarceration, art and coins and marble, music and more, it is not the total number of times that determines who and where you are along with what you receive and give. In your life we're looking at the number of times you succeed for x number of tries.

Three choices which penultimate into the ultimate two choices that exist in every observable facet of life, which are on and off. the first of your three choices is to do absolutely nothing. The second choice is to observe while making no changes but to continue as you have been. The third choice is to observe and make adjustments along the way.

When your neighbor is willing to do whatever it is you want to be good at, willing to do it fifty times for every once that you try, you can emulate your neighbor, or you can wait, if you like, until the neighbor gets really great at it.

Be fair and honest here. Pick any task that you perform at least one time every day. For every one time that you do it, your neighbor is doing it fifty or more times. Do you honestly think that, after a thousand days and more, there is any chance of you competing with your neighbor for raw skill?

Yes, it becomes more illuminating when we get to see such an experiment on a larger scale, true? In other words, by observing a hundred sets of neighbors, where one neighbor is doing something fifty times more often than the other, we get to see undeniable patterns. Therefore, the truly lazy person who wants to be excellent without ALL of the hard work involved, need only wait a hundred days or a thousand or as many as you like; waiting for the neighbor to get really great. At that point, all you have to do then is videotape your neighbor just during those moments when the neighbor is performing at peak. Duplicate the actions and/or words, breathing, attitudes, or anything else that is observably part of whatever it is they repeat, and you are mathematically assured of duplicating their results, or nearly so. Even if your improvements are only only one percent, then that's wonderful, because the second time you do it you establish an ability to repeat it. The third time you use this PowerGem right up in the top five PowerGems, you prove both a pattern and your ability and willingness to use whatever tools you have at your disposal.

Do not think that it is hyperbole or exaggeration to say "in minutes, yes, in minutes," because the MisterShortcut Lifebook is proving true in nearly countless lives.

The biggest changes in your life often happen in just minutes, if not even less.

The most underused of all your assets may well be your unused minutes.





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Can You Count Your Shortcuts ?

There are so many shortcuts available for you to make use of.

When did you last realize, just for one example of many instant roadways to power,
that you have the ability to ask a question not merely from a bright librarian or a Harvard professor,
no, you get to ask many tens of millions of computers your question,
because that is precisely what you do when you go to a search engine.
You're asking millions and more millions of computers in hundreds of languages, covering every known subject.

Experts.     They're an excellent source, provided they are actually doing it at world-class.
We generally recognize them as masters or millionaires, champions or billionaires.
Everyone else is full of crapulous invective,   technobabble,   or the blatherskite of excuses,
because the only people who genuinely know better... ... are those who do better... repeatedly.

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