Welcome to the most exciting website, perhaps the prettiest website, with Mister-Shortcut, the Godfather of EyeCandy
The MisterShortcut Lifebook, so big that tapping any character on your keyboard will bring you to another Mr-Shortcut site!

Ultimately, the only benefit to being the world's largest free website is the ratio of acquisition to use.
Just like you, me, and the guy around the block, along with all the people between you and the guy around the block,
every human possesses every answer or has access to those who do.
A mainstay of the MisterShortcut Lifebook is an understanding that there are always people who do it better.
Sure, each of us can hold a world record, maybe even for a long time.

At some point, some young whippersnapper comes along and leaves us in the dust,
wondering whence came the hoofprints on one's posterior,
or the rueful shame of self-knowledge in the presence of others.
When that moment comes, you now have an absolutely guaranteed method of getting better: you can observe the source.

Only two men have conclusively beaten me in chess in forty years, although computers often dispense with me.
Huge credit to Bobby Mintz, who taught me how to play chess when I was eight, he freshly returned from Kent State during the murders there.
As much, to the man I called "Umar," who handed me his favorite chess set and told me to "Go on, and take it on the hop."
Both of these players ravished my game again and again and again, good enough to teach me to beat them.

A number of fellows who beat Zargon, the original great computer chess game, couldn't pull off one win in ten tries against me,
although I could only beat Zargon myself once for every ten or eleven tries,
whereas my human opponents could beat the computer nine of ten tries.

In every case of people beating me, all hundred-plus games from just two men, being beaten means that
" watching what the winner does and duplicating what the winner does inevitably leads to duplicating the winners results; measurably superior results."

This is a fantastic insight, a direct look inside of the working of our greatest shortcuts,
the ones that produce as perfectly as the sun rising. Looking at your personal and particular circumstances,
how would you feel should someone walk up to you in the next ninety seconds and offer you 3-to-1 odds on
whether or not the sun will rise at least a few times in the next year or so. Can you imagine passing up a bet like this?

The MisterShortcut Lifebook, and your own previous experience with The MisterShortcut Lifebook,
is here just to remind you of how many ways there are to take up those occasional bets that come along,
bets that carry not merely a large payday, but dozens or hundreds of them? You CAN'T be that crazy, can you?

You and only you know the answer to that. What we're certain of is that life presents great big shortcuts,
shortcuts that persistently, consistently, and unstintingly produce multiplied results for approximately
one hundred percent of the humans who use them repeatedly. Your train has arrived in the station, we're waiting for you,
shut up and get on the train. We're going to tap the invasive power of "makeovers" that grabbed America by fine hairs on the forearm,
to make YOU over without changing a thing about you.

Shortcuts, baby.       Shortcuts.
The greatest shortcuts of masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires.

You might notice at some point that you're visiting the most self-empowering website online: far more than a million unique pages by one pair of hands... ... for you.
Pertinent to YOUR life, this needs to be the world's most exciting and empowering website,
because the only measurable value of being the largest free website is the value you take from it.

Based on interviews with more than 5,200 masters and millionaires champions and billionaires,
these pages of EyeCandy and BrainCandy contain the words, the methods, the actions,
the secrets and shortcuts of these masters and champions - role models.

Make the most of your visits here.   Think of this course as being
the free version of ALL the great empowerment programs released over
the past fifty years or so, because ultimately, the MisterShortcut Lifebook
is a two-thousand day focus on efforts to compress the best of great shortcuts.

Having tested so many programs, and having read a book per day
for some a thousand days in a row, including two thousand books
on empowerment and human peak performance, this IS from geniuses;
the refinement and shaping of, the ultimate boiling down of --
the best of the best of our masters and millionaires,
our champions and billionaires - Winners every one...

and it's all here for your life, for YOU to win.
With much love, affection, and an abiding hope
that you will feed those who are hungrier,
you are welcome to Make the most of
The MisterShortcut Lifebook
Succeed faster with
YOUR best shortcuts!

Labor Under Correct Knowledge!
Mister Shortcut
Easy Way To Become A Hero Of The Self-Health Way Of Life !
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Instant, small tips at the MisterShortcut Lifebook help you to get what you want.
Easy steps lead to improvements that are staggering in scope when you repeat them each day.
Do more with what you already know. This one feature effectively reduces the time requirement
for nearly everything you do. Never again underestimate YOUR ability and power to affect time.
Not only is this a key feature and function of success,
your life gets immediately and often profoundly affected as well.

Not the least of these numerous benefits is the ability to to accomplish the same things in considerably less time.
Success is that highest state, that happiness that is, at the core, not so easily described with words,
because each of us has a completely unique view of just what success actually is.    It's personal.

And yet today, guaranteeing such success is mathematically possible with the MisterShortcut Lifebook.
Each PowerGem within the MisterShortcut Lifebook works by itself, powerfully, repeatedly.
Any combination of PowerGems, used precisely as described, produces fast results.
So far, we haven't found any worthwhile exceptions to this concrete rule.

How Do You Think To Count Your Shortcuts ?

There are so many shortcuts available for you to make use of.

When did you last realize, just for one example of many instant pathways to power,
that you have the ability to ask a question not merely from a bright librarian or a Harvard professor,
no, you get to ask so very many millions of computers your question,
because that is precisely what you do when you go to a search engine.
You're asking millions and more millions of computers in hundreds of languages, covering every known subject.

Experts. They're an excellent source, as long as THEY are personally doing it at world-class.
We generally recognize them as masters or millionaires, champions or billionaires.
Everyone else is full of crapulous invective,   technobabble,   or the blatherskite of excuses,
because the only people who genuinely know better... ... are those who do better... repeatedly.

Embrace the MisterShortcut Lifebook || Masters and Millionaires Great Secrets to Success

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You need to stop listening to people who give reasons why you can't.
The BEST possible source of information is those who do best.
With technology shrinking the world by so many factors,
you cannot justify ignoring, delaying your excellence

This is the time and place you have long waited for.
YOUR version of the wise man on the mountain.
Since death begins when growth ceases,
be flexible on purpose, stretching your all.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook is like a living creature.
The effort you put into the MisterShortcut Lifebook is what it gives back.
Every single facet of your life gets better and better when we use great shortcuts.

Total Winning With Universal Shortcuts and QRA - MisterShortcut Lifebook Style

QRA.me     QRA.name     Shapelinks.com     Shapetalk.com     Boostables.com     TotalWinning.com     UniversalShortcuts.com

Find many, many hundreds of MisterShortcut health and wealth sites, via Self-Health Way Of Life and MisterShortcut Lifebook.
MisterShortcut built them specifically to help you help yourself rapidly: Millions of unique pages of self-help, self-health secrets.

What you know shall always be secondary to what it is you repeatedly DO with what you know. Speak less, do more.

For starters, QRA is the most accurate energy test of your lifetime, worth more than million-dollar machines.

In fact, you'll find that it's not even close: Even the bilirubin test for liver is behind QRA testing.
Whether you consult with QRA practitioners, or get trained to be a QRA practitioner yourself,
make no mistake: QRA is the most accurate test, passes double-blind, & works every time.
Shhh. Much less talking. You're quick to form opinions, despite your lack of excellence!
If you have not participated in the one-second test, then your opinion means naught.
Only people who have mastered something have the right to express an opinion!
No, not social opinions, scientific opinions: Those who show, obviously know.
Less talking, more doing, and learn how to do the one-second energy test.
It's a proven cornerstone of YOUR Self-Health Way Of Life.
Knowing how to do the bidigital test alone yields notable brain boost.

Distressingly few of us have our health under any real kind of balance or good portent for our personal longevity.
The purpose of the Self-Health Way Of Life is to share the best methods of helping you to help yourself, naturally.

When you have got your health under control, or boosted nicely (or nearly so), you might wish to address success.
Using universal shortcuts is among the fastest, most powerful ways to accelerate development of your mastery.
Total winning does not occur by accident, only by intention. That's where the universal shortcuts come in.
Learn more, and you are likely to live more. Universal shortcuts DO lead to total winning, as you'll see.

Shapetalker.com     Bigiditally.com     Shapetalks.com     Shapetalking.com     Shapetalking.info

Shapetalking.net     Healthiest.ws     HealthiestWebsites.com     HealthiestWebsite.com

Added to the healthier powers incipient and available within your Self-Health Way Of Life approach to life,
there will, characteristically, be desire for measures of material success. Ergo, the MisterShortcut Lifebook.

Mixing the Self-Health Way Of Life and MisterShortcut Lifebook, for better results

Never underestimate the power of universal shortcuts. Look to humans who engage in total winning.
With no known exceptions, you'll observe them using the same shortcuts used for CENTURIES!!
Sure, modern creativity, innovation and, of course, technology, augment the best shortcuts.
Still, at the core of all total winning, notice the same universal shortcuts being employed.
Make today more exciting. When we seek out shortcuts that universally apply, we find them.
While of course we don't always get what we want, we DO tend to get much of what we expect.
The consistent power of universal shortcuts, spread across and throughout the MisterShortcut Lifebook,
will serve your pursuit of total winning as no other known approach has been known to do.
Rule #1: Proof is better than belief. Proof means everyone can repeat it

No one wins by accident, not in respect of TOTAL winning, meaning a repeated habit.
When you focus your mind on less and less, removing distractions for more stringent focus,
your performance is instantly enhanced, promoting and promulgating immediately boost in yield.
You CAN break your own records, and it gets much easier when you imitate those who're doing better.
Who does it best proves they know it best... and you know that universal shortcuts are part of their approach.

Go ahead! Make a habit of using both hands, asking more people more times each for a 'Yes!"
Make it your routine habit to smile more and look directly into people's eyes when you speak.
Stop asking people yes or no questions, that's silly, and self-defeating before you even begin.
Better to offer choices: 'Would you prefer this... or that?' No need to believe this, just practice!

Leap in to YOUR best states of mind. Total winning is yours, with universal shortcuts
The MisterShortcut Lifebook and Self-Health Way Of Life do not share mere opinions:

They share the universal shortcuts of masters, millionaires, champions, billionaires.
Where the MisterShortcut Lifebook focuses on shortcuts for success in all human endeavors,
the Self-Health Way Of Life narrows down to factors of the wealth existing in good health.
Thus are you highly urged to engage YOUR MisterShortcut Lifebook and Self-Health Way Of Life, for life.

Master Secrets of the Universe from your Self-Health Way Of Life

Where some like to include product placement in their ads or infotainment, the Self-Health Way Of Life reverses this pattern:
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Mainstay of the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Self-Health Way Of Life

Some of the most powerful thoughts are well-worth repeating, if indeed repetition is the mother of all skill.

Consider the act of imitating the people who are most successful a mainstay of the MisterShortcut Lifebook.
It's equally applicable to imitating those humans who live stronger for longer.
Whether it's secrets of health, or the no-less-potent shortcuts of developing success and wealth in career, etc.,
there is no doubt that combining the precepts of the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Self-Health Way Of Life is priceless.

When we imitate the methods and attitudes of masters and millionaires,
we are assuring our ability to imitate their results, or relatively so.

Reach out and help the helpless, because that is a master secret of the universe, empowering you to thrive hugely.
Make it your business to wire your diet to be based on air, water, never-heated oil, minerals, greens, & probiotics.
These are the (literally) vital components of the proverbial fountain of youth, they work well for EVERYONE.

Live your life MORE ON PURPOSE, via your own MisterShortcut Lifebook and Self-Health Way Of Life.