Unless you're prepared to pay one billion dollars for the MisterShortcut Lifebook, your money's no good here.
Picking ONLY the best nine hundred thousand pages of the MisterShortcut Lifebook at $3,500 pr page,
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Instead, you can join one of the most special clubs you've ever heard of:

True wealth, the kind that makes you happy that you arrived at your 50th, 60th, 70th, birthdays, maybe more,
that deep, true wealth is not measured by what you gather for yourself, it's measured by what you share.
One of the great formulas for success, one that never fails, is so easy any of us can use it instantly.
What goes up, must come down. The more you give away, without getting ridiculous about it,
the more wealth you gather, by whatever definition of wealth you hold. Are you tuned in?
The single most fantastic fact about the MisterShortcut Lifebook helping this much,
to the tune of hundreds of millions of cups of food for starving folk, globally,
is that this incredible feat has been accomplished ONE CLICK AT A TIME!
Although MisterShortcut provided a million links to thehungersite,
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That means the other hundreds of millions of clicks...
CAME FROM YOU, and people not unlike you,
people who care that children are dying.
Thehungersite.com does earn profit.
There is ZERO connection betwixt us.
You can pay for the MisterShortcut Lifebook,
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However hard-boiled or mean you might be, rest assured of this:
ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of those who click through 1,000 times in 1,000 days,
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Not merely taste it; fully experience it. Do you know what it feels like to save a thousand lives?
MisterShortcut has the silly idea that he's helped save many millions of lives, directly with these links.
Several hundred million clickthroughs in eight years, thanks to 180,000,000 - that's million - focused seconds?
That makes a human being believe they are the richest human on earth, and the material wealth is there for the asking.
No one knows just how YOU define wealth in your life; we only know that your clock is whizzing by 1,440 times every day.
YOU Are Saving - Feeding The Starving
Since you can't buy the MisterShortcut Lifebook, how about paying for it?
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How noble can it get, after all is said?
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Wealth will follow.

Employ your MisterShortcut Lifebook to feed starving kids
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When a clickthrough saves a life, THAT'S the MisterShortcut Lifebook,
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Shortcuts unto shortcuts from the mother ship of shortcuts,
for the health and wealth we might still deserve,
the wealth worth more than fine orchids.
Health, of course, is true wealth,
its theft so often done in stealth.
When you have one, you get the other,
and without it is worse than having no mother.

Shortcuts from other shortcuts, that's what we see,
both the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Self-Health Way Of Life.


Use enough of your favorite shortcuts, enough times,
and those shortcuts will tend to yield further shortcuts.

This is a frequent treat of utilizing your MisterShortcut Lifebook.

Stop pretending to know more than those who repeatedly do more.
Imitating those you admire most is among the fastest of approaches,
the most efficient and effective way to repeatedly imitate their results.
Let the shortcuts you have already used well ... ... guide you to create new shortcuts.
Even if this shortcut is not a full cornerstone of the MisterShortcut Lifebook, it is a potent tool.
Life has long proven that the more we use our best tools, the wider becomes the reach of those tools.
Shapelinks and Shapetalk are interactive features of the MisterShortcut Lifebook and Self-Health Way Of Life.

Master secrets of the universe - right in front of us most of the time!

Start small, add up your totals with the exponentiation of repetition
You will find even your smallest steps at the MisterShortcut Lifebook working effectively.
Who can eat a one-pound chunk of food? We eat smaller pieces that add up to some sum.
Rather than trying too much at once, a series of smaller steps always increases productivity.
It has been working for you regarding food all your life, so shall it be with your lifetime goals.
Easy steps lead to improvements that are staggering in scope when you repeat them each day.
Do more with what you already know. This one feature effectively reduces the time requirement
for nearly everything you do. Never again underestimate YOUR ability and power to affect time.
Not only is this a key feature and function of success,
your life gets immediately and often profoundly affected as well.

Not the least of these numerous benefits is the ability to to accomplish the same things in notably less time.
Shaving even modest amounts of time from the tasks that you have to repeat anyway adds up gigantinormously.
This MisterShortcut Lifebook approach does not include taking this to ridiculous extremes. Save SOME time.
Saving time is simply a way of providing you with more of the most valuable asset of your life: moments.
Success is your highest state, your happiness that is, at the core, not so easily described with words,
because each of us has a completely unique view of just what success actually is.    It's personal.

Yet, today, assuring such success is mathematically possible with the MisterShortcut Lifebook.
Each PowerGem within the MisterShortcut Lifebook works by itself, powerfully, repeatedly.
Any combination of PowerGems, used precisely as described, produces fast results.
So far, we haven't found any worthwhile exceptions to this concrete rule.

There are so many shortcuts available for you to make use of.

When did you last realize, just for one example of many instant resources to power,
that you have the ability to ask a question not merely from a bright librarian or a Harvard professor,
no, you get to literally ask very many millions of computers your question,
because that is precisely what you do when you go to a search engine.

You're asking millions and more millions of computers across the world, covering every known subject.

Experts are an excellent source, ONLY as long as THEY are personally doing it at world-class.

We generally recognize them as masters or millionaires, champions or billionaires.
Everyone else is full of crapulous invective,   technobabble,   or the blatherskite of excuses,
because the only people who - legitimately - know better... ... are those who do better... repeatedly.

Embrace the MisterShortcut Lifebook || Masters and Millionaires Great Secrets to Success

ShapeTalk From YOUR MisterShortcut Lifebook

Shapetalk for you and shapetalk for me,
shapetalk will transmogrify all YOUR history.
Change up from where you now are,
to reach for your very own personal star.
It's up there, you know, with YOUR name emblazoned,
and Shapetalk carries dreams right up to those heavens.

Shapetalk for her, and shapetalk for he, don't let them fool you,
Shapetalk's is for you from me.

Don't let the brain dwarfs sway you away,
metamorphize your life, let Shapetalk have its say!

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The MisterShortcut Lifebook reminds you of your own core wisdom:
"We need to stop listening to people who give reasons why you can't."
The BEST possible source of information is: Those who do best.
With technology shrinking the world by so many factors,
you cannot justify ignoring, delaying your excellence

This is the time and place you have long waited for.
YOUR version of the wise man on the mountain.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook is about YOU.
Since death begins when growth ceases,
be flexible on purpose, stretching your all.
The MisterShortcut Lifebook is like a living creature.
The effort you put into the MisterShortcut Lifebook is what it gives back.
Every single facet of your life gets better and better when we use great shortcuts.
Every day that you take back a few of your wasted minutes is a day of YOUR greater profit.
Remember that preparation colliding into opportunity is one highly-respected definition of success.