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The MisterShortcut Lifebook helps to open the doors..
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You are quick to give excuses about why you have not excelled recently.
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Let the MisterShortcut Lifebook guide you. Best of all, let the MisterShortcut Lifebook guide the inner you.
You have a child and an adult and a parent inside of you, according to Transactional Analysis. Use them ALL!
You already have so many great answers inside of you, available to everyone who asks your advice. True, or not?

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Welcome to the MisterShortcut Lifebook,
the world's greatest source for the greatest secrets of success, free for your life.

Who's to say tomorrow won't outshine your yesterday?

Have you planted all you carry, nourished well along the way?

To each and fair apportioned in the midst of strife and blame,

we'll see right quick how often you measure up to the family name.

To each there is a meaning, annotated through the years,

matched by ambiguity, family secrets midst the tears.

No one's meant to know, just how it came to be,

everyone crafting versions of a finer history.

Stay beyond the moment, dally only to unfold,

the secrets yet untapped inside,

and all they come to hold.

No one's ever bothered, to take you by the hand,

leading you to greatness, as you should and could and can.

Grope for tethers borrowed from the coign of new tomorrows,

where the way to see it all transfigures now,

The illusions of a grander, revisioned history.

this is where you’ll find the why and how.

Revise it as you can, defile and prise it out of hand,

the delusions wrapped in rictus, long past Heaven's magic wand.


Still and then enough to carry

all the good things meant for Man.

Build upon what’s done is done,

who’s to say that you won’t be…

that very special One?


And we’ll know what you can carry

by even more than who you marry,

though your choice of mate does seal that gate,

and don’t think that divorce can licitly mitigate.

Pick and choose with passion and an eye for detail, too

soothe within those sorrows all the best that’s bright and new.

For change is all that matters, step by step its creep shall come

transmogrify the darkness with your inner burning sun.

You are all the source we need, your energy serves as that basic seed.

For all the wild, intangible throes, thorns are matched in aromas of rose.

The black has white and down will up, so count again what’s in your cup.

All those happy tears wrenched out, from the baldness of such sorrow?

Well, all those yesterdays are not worth one sweet tomorrow.

Take unto yourself what’s yours, giving up what’s not,

as tomorrow tucks its tiny hand

into the palm of God.

Develop all your secrets, earn and do not borrow,

for the debts of yesterday cannot yield unto tomorrow.


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