Begin YOUR Magnificent Journey by Identifying WHAT Your Magnificent Journey Would Be

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Magnificent journeys are on the mind,
magnificent journeys to more than pass the time.
Each of us seeks magnificent journeys,
in pursuit of all we would be.
Magnificent journeys are not destinations,
they are lived for the moment and deed.

Magnificent journeys for the best of us,
including the best you
that is meant to be.

Magnificent journeys will take us there,
to a better, brighter place in time,
magnificent journeys are not where you reach,
but more what you happen to find.

For we don't always get,
quite what we want,
it is expectations that the future reviews;
so fly your magnificent journeys until,
your dreams become part of the all-seeing truth.

The MisterShortcut Lifebook is the "Magnificent Journeys" Capital of the Internet.
If not, get busy building your own more magnificent journeys.

UNTIL THEN, however,
you're invited to fly the magnificent journeys of the MisterShortcut Lifebook.

Simple potent secrets of the MisterShortcut Lifebook can help you to get what you want.
Easy steps lead to improvements that are staggering in scope when you repeat them each day.
Do more with what you already know. This one feature effectively reduces the time requirement
for nearly everything you do. Never again underestimate YOUR ability and power to affect time.
Not only is this a key feature and function of success,
your life gets immediately and often profoundly affected as well.

Not the least of these numerous benefits is the ability to to accomplish the same things in considerably less time.
Success is that highest state, that happiness that is, at the core, not so easily described with words,
because each of us has a completely unique view of just what success actually is.    It's personal.

And yet today, guaranteeing such success is mathematically possible with the MisterShortcut Lifebook.
Each PowerGem within the MisterShortcut Lifebook works by itself, powerfully, repeatedly.
Any combination of PowerGems, used precisely as described, produces fast results.
So far, we haven't found any worthwhile exceptions to this concrete rule.

Trying counting the shorcuts at your disposal in each minute.

Have you acknowledged, just for one example of many instant resources to power,
that you have the ability to ask a question not merely from a bright librarian or a Harvard professor,
no, you get to ask some hundred million computers your question,
because that is precisely what you do when you go to a search engine.
You're asking millions and more millions of computers in hundreds of languages, covering every known subject.

Experts. They're an excellent source, as long as THEY are personally doing it at world-class.
We generally recognize them as masters or millionaires, champions or billionaires.
Everyone else exemplifies crapulosity, the entirely counter-productive blatherskite of excuses,
because the only people who - legitimately - know better... ... are those who do better... repeatedly.

Embrace the MisterShortcut Lifebook || Masters and Millionaires Great Secrets to Success

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You need to stop listening to people who give reasons why you can't.
The BEST possible source of information is those who do best.
With technology shrinking the world by so many factors,
you cannot justify ignoring, delaying your excellence

This is the time and place you have long waited for.
YOUR version of the wise man on the mountain.
Since death begins when growth ceases,
be flexible on purpose, stretching your all.