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Talk is so cheap. Geez, who are you to tell us what you can do?
Henry Ford was not a very nice man, not by any stretch of description.
Cantankerous, racist attitudes and words came from him, and often.
Still, he maintains his position as one of the most brilliant of humans.
Again and again, he gave pearls of undeniably profitable wisdom.
He often stated that he wanted "people who are ignorant of what can't be done."

If you think you understand it, read it again. When you find a second meaning, feel the "Aha!"

Ford is also credited with first stating one of the most profound statements of all time,
encompassing in majority everything you ever need to know on how to excel.

"You cannot build a reputation based on what you are going to do."

If necessary, put emphasis on the word GOING, reading it out loud now.

Are you now laughing? If so, we know you can follow instructions. That speaks well of your learning.
You see, the MisterShortcut Lifebook is packed full of magnificently effective shortcuts.
Each costs little or nothing, and when used one hundred or more times, produces fantastically.
"Fantastic" as in stretching the belief envelopes held by you and those who say they care for you.
Our friends and loved ones present far greater and more frequent obstacles than most of our adversaries.
This is the fifth law of the MisterShortcut Lifebook. Understanding it roughly doubles your current family power.
That's why you should have gotten a chuckle and smile from understanding that quotation from Henry Ford's great thoughts.
We only laugh when we follow instructions. If we read that statement with emphasis on "GOING," we can do it silently our out loud.
If you did it silently, you got a smile. If you did it out loud, you should have gotten a nice little laugh.
If so, it's because you did as you were asked.
It didin't take you much time at all.
It did not cost you any money.
It was just a simple direction.
The more closely you do this here,
the more you get from the MisterShortcut Lifebook.

You need not understand great wisdom to use its great power,

This applies across the board for all universal bits of wisdom.

For example, until this moment, however many ShapeTalk pieces you've read,
did you know that each line, for the most part, is designed to separate each thought?

Sure, this way you don't have to store information in your short-term memory as you change lines.
One line for concept, with artistic exceptions tolerated for the sake of the author's aesthetic pleasure.

This has proven to double and triple memory retention.

Did you just learn something new?
If not, you are warmly wished felicitious futures.
You may be better served by finding another destination.
If so, welcome to the self-empowering MisterShortcut Lifebook.

www.ARDK.net invites you into your own Self-Health Way Of Life.
Learning more is the second-healthiest thing you can do for your own Longevity.
Putting into practice what you learn about extending Longevity is your healthiest choice.